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Success Stories

At Washington Square Chiropractic Center we love when patients share their feedback after chiropractic care. Please read through some of our patient testimonials below to see what other patients have achieved through their treatment with us.

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  • I was most impressed by Dr. Weiser’s personal phone call the evening of the first visit. Some of the information collected had never been shared with me concerning my personal status related to years of back problems. Most enlightening!

    -Barbara V.
  • Really appreciated a follow up call from the Dr at night! Really shows his concern for the patients.

    -Kathryn M.
  • Dr. Weiser has done a great job in establishing rapport with his patient. I look forward to every subsequent appointment.

    -Ronald H.
  • Very warm friendly atmosphere by the entire staff. The second I walked through the door I was greeted with sincere smiles and an eagerness to help.

    -Harry K.
  • Great practice. A major part of my quality of life. Highly recommended.

    -Matthew R.
  • Dr. Weiser spoke with me at length, conveying a fair amount of information about my treatment that left me feeling well informed, and his staff was courteous and helpful.

    -Michael G.
  • I let my fingers do the walking on the internet, and seem to have struck gold! Everyone is so professional and courteous. I have great faith that Dr. Weiser has me on my way to perfect health.

    -Michael D.
  • I feel very welcomed and confident that I will feel better soon.

    -Barbara G.
  • I was in a rush and everyone helped me get out the door in time. Thanks.

    -Lizbeth H.
  • Staff was very pleasant, sweet and considerate. I am very hopeful that this will help. Dr. Weiser was highly recommended to me by my personal trainer.

    -Helene K.
  • Excellent first visit. Thanks.

    -Eric G.

Friendly and Knowledgeable

I arrived early. Ellen was very courteous ,pleasant and welcoming. Dr. Weiser was very friendly ,knowledgeable, and patient. His sense of humor put me at ease.

Angelina P.

Great Practice!

Great practice and staff! Lovely healing environment as well.

Lindsay R.

A Godsend

Dr. Weiser and his staff were really a godsend. I had pulled a back muscle, and it was spasming. In one visit, he identified where the problems were and began adjustments – the next morning, it was clearly better. The staff is very professional, and the instruments he uses are gentler than – but as effective as – the aggressive cracking of my former chiropractor.

Susan R.

Dramatic Improvement

I feel very lucky to be a patient at Washington Square Chiropractic Center. This has been a great experience from the start and a dramatic improvement with herniated disk, neck, shoulder and arm pain.

Nicholas F.

Great “Bedside Manners”

Very professional staff with great “bedside manners”.

Bari I.

So Happy

I’m so happy to have found this place.

Tareva B.


“I have always held the belief that if you go into business and your primary interest is to make money maybe you would be a wealthy business person. However if your primary interest is to provide a service, the odds are heavily in your favor that you’ll be both successful and wealthy. Dr. Zachary Weiser convinces me he is interested in providing a service. Peace”

Victor A.

I can finally enjoy MY LIFE again

“In 2003 I was diagnosed with RSD after experiencing serious pain throughout my entire body after an exploratory knee surgery went wrong. Since then the pain progressively worsened.

I tried just about everything under the sun from being shocked, to shots and medications, which had no results or at least lasting ones. My neighbor suggested that I see Dr. Zachary Weiser at Washington Square Chiropractic Center. After beginning treatment here, in a matter of days, I was able to do things that I couldn’t do for the past 5 years without pain. I can finally enjoy MY LIFE again!

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Not only have I received great results immediately, but I am glad to know that my condition is improving because my body is healing itself, without the need of surgery (which I certainly did not want, but had been told was the only remaining option). The doctor is wonderful and the staff is very nice and together they make me feel at ease and comfortable at each visit. It is a very pleasant office to come to. I’ve already referred three friends.”

Yvette J.

I recommend them to friends and family at every opportunity

“I started receiving chiropractic care at Washington Square Chiropractic Center when it was recommended to me by a fellow Massage Therapist. Chronic neck and shoulder discomfort were things that I always had to deal with. However, my symptoms began to improve almost immediately after starting chiropractic treatment!

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I now work in the office and enjoy keeping up with regular adjustments. Although my discomfort never specifically restricted my life, I find the adjustments to be really relaxing – especially with the Activator Method. Chiropractic care here provides me with an overall balance, especially during times when I’m feeling run down. Aside from the great health care, one of my favorite things about Washington Square Chiropractic Center is the amazing staff! I recommend them to friends and family at every opportunity.”

Judy M.

I’m feeling better because of coming here

“I came to Washington Square Chiropractic Center because I had suffered a back injury two years ago. Friends of mine from my dance studio suggested that I try chiropractic care at Washington Square Chiropractic Center. Within the first two weeks I began to notice changes and after that I steadily continued to get better. I am overall more healthy and happy and one of the biggest benefits of being under chiropractic care is that I get help with things I would normally not have thought could be treated with chiropractic.

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My friends and family can tell when I’ve been adjusted because I am more clear minded and can move around easier. Thanks to Washington Square Chiropractic Center I can fully enjoy dancing again the way I used to before the injury. When asked how I’m feeling I say, ‘better because of coming here!’ I appreciate how flexible, friendly, and accommodating they are. It makes it easy to keep up with my adjustments!”

Nina P.

I always leave the office walking taller than when I came in

“I was referred to Dr. Weiser by my personal trainer. I had been having pain in my left buttock for about 7-10 days and my usual exercises did not seem to help lessen it. It had gotten so bad that I needed to stop walking one day and take a taxi the last quarter mile to my destination. I noticed a slight improvement right after my first visit.

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I continued to see Dr. Weiser three times per week and my pain improved regularly with each visit. I would say that I noticed substantial improvement after the first week of treatment, and the pain was gone by my third week. I’ve been able to resume my normal exercise routine and walk at least 30-40 minutes each morning. Each time I have an appointment at Washington Square Chiropractic Center, I appreciate the informality and quick attention I receive in the office. Although my visits are less frequent now, I continue to see Dr. Weiser regularly. I’ve noticed that after each adjustment my posture has changed—I always leave the office walking taller than when I came in.”

Donald B. – 98 years old

The pain I was experiencing seems like a distant memory

“I was referred to Washington Square Chiropractic Center by my dear friend Stephanie. I had told her about the back pain I was having and she immediately suggested Dr. Weiser. Prior to Washington Square Chiropractic Center I had tried physical therapy, pain medication, and then more pain medication, stretching, and everything else I could think of to provide relief. After just one week of chiropractic adjustments I could feel myself significantly improving. The pain I was experiencing seems like a distant memory.

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I am so thankful that I decided to give chiropractic a try! I love how wonderful the staff is and the naturalness of the atmosphere. You always feel welcome and in good hands with them. Each visit at Washington Square Chiropractic Center is a pleasant experience and I tell all my family and friends about it!”

Marise B.

He can now fully enjoy his childhood

From Champ’s mom: “We first brought our son to see Dr. Weiser at Washington Square Chiropractic Center when he was three and a half years old. He had been having stomach problems since he was born and, despite seeing several specialists and trying many different medications, nothing had helped. When I brought him to Dr. Weiser’s office, he was already scheduled for ‘exploratory’ surgery. In other words, the doctors had no idea what was wrong so they thought they’d take a look around inside our son’s stomach! I had been a patient of Dr. Weiser’s in the past and experienced positive results, so we decided to try chiropractic care for our son. After the very first adjustment he experienced significant relief.

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We never expected how much of a difference this would make in his life. Without stomach problems holding him back our son is so joyful, and he can now fully enjoy his childhood. People are amazed at how easily our son’s discomfort has been alleviated through Dr. Weiser’s chiropractic care, especially considering that our only other alternative was exploratory surgery. Dr. Weiser has always made our family feel very comfortable and his approach has been caring – never pushy. I refer everyone I know to Washington Square Chiropractic Center!”

Champ L. – 9 years old

I am thrilled to have my active life back

“I first started chiropractic care at Washington Square Chiropractic Center when I became an employee at the office. At the time, I was experiencing pain and discomfort in my hips and knees. I was told that exercise and muscle strengthening, along with stretching, was really the only chance I had for relief, since I was too young for surgery. I tried this regimen for years, but it became increasingly difficult as the soreness and popping got worse.

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I had trouble walking around the city to run errands and frequently had to drive even short distances. I completely stopped exercising before starting chiropractic care with Dr. Weiser, and my general health suffered because of it.

Within the first week of chiropractic adjustments, my knee pain decreased and I only experienced hip popping every couple of days. Within a month, symptoms occurred every week or two. Within two months, they were gone! After years of pain and decreased activity, I am thrilled to have my active life back. Not only am I able to get around comfortably, but I even started walking for exercise and pleasure again. My friends have noticed a change in my attitude since receiving chiropractic care. Now that I’m sleeping better, getting exercise, and able to participate in normal activities with my friends, I’m much happier and more energetic.

I really enjoy the thorough and gentle nature of the Activator Method that Dr. Weiser uses. I have gone to chiropractors in the past that weren’t always able to adjust the areas that were bothering me with the techniques they used. I’ve been so happy with my experience here, that I’ve recommended Dr. Weiser’s chiropractic care to many of my friends. My fiancée recently started receiving adjustments at Washington Square Chiropractic Center and was pleased to find that the back pain he’d become accustomed to started improving right away!”

Keri R.