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Our Chiropractic Techniques

Activator Method® | Accurate, Gentle and Effective

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State-of-the-art chiropractic

Dr. Weiser’s use of the Activator Method® is based upon its efficacy, his personal trust of the method based on research and experience, and his patients’ great results.

The Activator Method® is an instrument-driven technique which includes a full and very accurate diagnostic protocol. Accuracy in diagnostics enables Dr. Weiser to deliver a very specific adjustment with the instrument. The Activator instrument delivers a low force adjustment at a very specific point, in a specific direction, and at a very high speed so Activator adjustments are:

  • comfortable
  • precise
  • administered without twisting, popping or cracking

MyoVision | Diagnostics and Continual Assessment

Dr. Weiser uses the MyoVision system to perform an electrothermographic analysis of your central nervous system on your first visit.

MyoVision is a critical diagnostic tool, and a great way for you to tangibly see the progress you are making. As you heal, he performs periodic re-examinations to measure improvement and adapts your care plan to meet your evolving needs.

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