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Center City Philadelphia Chiropractor
Dr. Zachary Weiser


Dr. Zachary Weiser

Driven to Improve Your HealthWith a background in neurological research, Dr. Zachary Weiser approaches chiropractic practice with a uniquely informed perspective that has given him a deep appreciation for the fascinating and phenomenal work that your brain and nervous system do in restoring and maintaining your health.

Dr. Weiser’s goal at Washington Square Chiropractic Center is to “work with people who are suffering – whose bodies are not functioning well from a strictly scientific standpoint as well as from a life quality standpoint – and improve that function by removing interference from their nervous system by way of the chiropractic adjustment, allowing their bodies to function properly once again. Chiropractic really does help people become more of who they are,” says Dr. Weiser, who earned his degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Outside The Office

In his spare time, Dr. Weiser enjoys studying the art, science and philosophy of chiropractic spinal alignments from a historical perspective. He has found writings describing what could be called the chiropractic adjustment and its effect on the nervous system in texts dating back thousands of years! He also loves woodworking, caring for his plants and he especially cherishes every moment spent with his family.

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