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Washington Square Chiropractic Center | Defining Health

A Center City Philadelphia Chiropractor With Your Future In Mind

Whatever your health goal – Washington Square Chiropractic Center can help! We love working with our patients, and our wellness-focused practice is geared toward making sure every one achieves a lifetime of incredible health.

Using a Trusted, Gentle Approach

Center City Philadelphia chiropractor Dr. Zachary Weiser exclusively uses the Activator Method® of adjustment.
The advantages of the Activator Method® include:

  • Stability: extremely precise technique
  • Gentleness: quick, gentle adjustment
  • Effectiveness: provides consistent improvement

Enjoy the Great Health You Deserve

At Washington Square Chiropractic Center, we define good health as being blessed with a full,
satisfying life – not only as living without illness or disease.

Dr. Zachary Weiser draws from his decades of experience to help patients recover from injury,
relieve chronic pain, or simply to improve their current good health. With Dr. Weiser’s unique
approach to preventive healthcare, every patient can benefit from chiropractic.

Wellness is for everyone!

Visit Washington Square Chiropractic Center today to begin your journey to better health.
Start by giving us a call at (215) 925-8005.

Dr. Zachary Weiser | Center City Philadelphia Chiropractor
(215) 925-8005

Serving the communities of Center City Philadelphia, Society Hill & The Historic District